What is Yesoul Sports:

Yesoul Sports is the application that provides professional content for Yesoul Bike.

You can start your riding journey at home with plenty of on-demand classes provided by our world-class instructors who encourage you along the way.

How to use the Yesoul App:

Download the App and sign up to get started your Riding trial.

When you input your body data, your training purpose, your favorite intensity, the App can find the right content for you.

Start your workout

When you finish your sign up process, you can start your workout.

You can choose a recommanded class on the homepage.

You can also select the corresponding classes by using the Filter.

Cycling Levels Guide

Join the beginner level ride, which emphasizes building power over endurance. It would be consisting of different climbs, pushes and sprints. Short power intervals with plenty of recoveries, designed to help you get started.

A longer intermediate cycling workout that builds both strength and endurance with hills, sprints and fast flats. Featuring heavy intervals targeted for every major muscle group.

During advanced level class, our instructors will build both strength and endurance with several hard power climbs as well as fast sprints, and evens combines the multiples for uphill sprints! It may sound brutal, but if you stick with it you will soon be reaping the rewards of an incredible physique.

Train on your time, your way

Access thousands of classes like strength, stretching, yoga,
outdoor running and more from your phone, tablet, TV and web browser.

High-definition riding vision,
experiencing better

Through YESOUL Sports App, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of China, Japan, New Zealand and Canada at home.
Download the Zwift app on your phone, connect YESOUL bike to your phone via Bluetooth,
and enjoy games that make your exercises more interesting and motivating.


Bikes designed to look as good as they feel and subscription options to help you reach your fitness goals!